dahlia (dalia graželė)

Dahlia’s works reveal a unique visuality and its distinctive construction that comes from her vision and perception of the world. Constant search for matching elements are based on mild contrast principles through texture, color, unexpected graphic or natural elements.
Photographs reflect a search for a clear visual divide and maintain an unexpected strict but floating structure. The diverse selection of theme exposes Dahlia as a collector who looks for fresh and unique relationships between an object and an image. Discovery of a particular theme and its fixation encourages the artist to also discover and follow other associated objects – in this way creative series that appear to be very different are connected by implicit similarities. Watchful and aesthetic works of Dahlia is a result of the self-reflective sensual world of the artist.

© Vaida Stepanovaitė

illustrations DahliaKIDS


IED Madrid European Master of Fine Art Photography ( 2012 – 2013 )
Vilnius art academy ( Photography and media art department ) BA 2011
Kaunas photography art school 2004


Art Fair “Art between spaces” by Arthesis, Kaunas 2015
550 group show, gallery Vartai, Vilnius 2015
Self Publish Riga / Shortlisted books 2014
Fotobookfestival, Kassel, Germany, Dummy Award ’13
Paris, Le Bal, Dummy Award ’13 exposition
PhotoIreland Festival, Dummy Award ’13 exposition
PhotoEspa?a 2013, group show, Madrid, Spain
Milan Image Art Fair, Dummy Award ’13 exposition
21 Ketvirtadienis, group show, gallery Vartai, Vilnius 2012
Review Room of Vartai gallery, Vilnius 2012
Third International Photo Art Festival In FOCUS Titanikas, Vilnius 2011
Event “Meno celės” in Vilnius Art Academy 2011
Gallery “Akademija” solo show 2011


Photobook Dummy Award 2013


Literatūra ir menas. Danutė Gambickaitė apie būtajį kartinį laiką
Kita Fotografija. Dalia Kavaliauskaitė SELF/PORTRAIT (one source)
Magazine “Fotografija” / Dalia Kavaliauskaitė SELF/PORTRAIT (one source)


dahlia@dahlia.lt    +370 620 68664